Keep Track of Places you like.

Frequenter app is a smart notebook that keeps track of all the places you like and allows you to:

One-Click Save Places
Organize Lists
Send Recommendations

Saving Places Takes 1 Second

Frequenter is a smart notebook — easily keep track of cool bars you discovered, great restaurants your friends took you to, or that amazing bakery you found in Paris.

And unlike other apps, with frequenter your location and places are yours, and not shared publicly.

Organize your Places

Effortlessly organize your places: add tags such as "roof top", "fireplace", or "after-work"; create personal lists such as "date spots", "sports bars" or a "wish list" of places you want to try; add notes on drinks or dishes you liked.

Because frequenter automatically provides the background information for your saved places, you can sort and filter to immediately find what you need.

Tailored Recommendations

A friend is visiting your hometown and asking for recommendations? Easily send a personalized list of your frequenter places. Recommendations are between you and your friend, and not online for everyone to see.

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